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Our Vısıon

As a group of students, we decided to conduct external projects along our medical studies. Projects that would help us disseminate our knowledge in the medical field and provide this information to the general public.

This is a great opportunity to bring together several medical school students to discuss different health topics in a social environment.

In addition, we also want to give high school students the opportunity to gain insight into medical schools, meet lecturers and medical students, and share knowledge.

This symposium should be the beginning of a change, a new life perspective, building connections within and with other universities, making friends, building lasting bonds, gaining more knowledge, and above all, having fun.


Our Team

IASRC, “International Ala-Too University Scientific Research Community" is the first club of our medical faculty. Our team consists of students whose intention is to set a difference, bring color, joy and knowledge to our daily student life’s.

ahmet hoca

Prof. dr. ahmet sanıc

Honorory President

Vice-Rector and Dean of Medical Faculty


Prof. Dr. Osman Gökalp

Advisor Academic Member

Vice-Dean of Medical Faculty

Management Commıttee


Büşra Nur Gündüz


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Aıshe Bozyaka

Symposium Secretary

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Muhammed Ömer Hamza Dural

Symposium Secretary

scıentıfıc Commıttee

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Halis İbrahim Üst


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Yavuz Selim Gündüz


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Elına Ashımbaeva

Club Member

Socıal Commıttee

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Hafsa Develi



Melih Türkay Kara


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Tolkun Zhetkınbekova

Club Member


Gulzat Zhumabaı kyzy

Club Member